Damn Spah
TF2 Dream

So I had a dream Valve made an update with a new weapon that was over powered. It was like a sticky bomb but the shards could fly a lot further and several class could use it. On top of that, it would automatically kills whoever was in the water regardless of if they were close or far away from the blast. If they were killed by the weapon, they would automatically spawn as Medic.

Now this weapon had a huge glitch. If someone was playing as Engineer and killed, their sentry would go haywire, shooting everywhere. If the former Engineer (now a Medic) turned back into an Engineer, he could place another sentry thus doubling his defense.

So one Engineer had so many sentry that the land became unstable and the earth started to crack and lava was every where. The land was unsafe to fight so the mercs all had to board a flying aircraft. They headed to a mountain range because their was a rumor that there was a solution to the problem.

However, they were the not the only ones on the ship. A bunch of women sneaked on due to a rumor that the glitch does not work on females. They believed that they should take over for the mercs even if that means they have to use force.


Scout Painting by Lilnanny
I tried :(


Heavy’s new phone


Let eet Go - Heavina Mendel : [sfm]



im sick and i decided to make myself feel  better by drawing this post



So I was watching We Steal Secrets which is about Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Julian Assange looks eerily a lot like Grey Mann from TF2.

The new comic and my fan theories

It debunked my theory of Heavy being the baby of the family.

yet it confirmed my theory of Heavy’s sisters being big boned women.

Never answered my question of weather or not Soldier used to have a wife which after some war trauma he forgot about.



Heavy will always be her “baby man”



Heavy will always be her “baby man”


scout in a weenie costume appreciation post

Hotdog Scout ftw